Splicing is used to join ropes together by interweaving the strands of the rope. Splicing is the safest way to fasten two ropes together or to form a loop. Knots could also be used to do these jobs but knots weaken the rope by as much as 30 to 55 percent of the original strength of the rope. However, with a splice the rope is 85 to 90 percent as strong as the original rope. Splicing should be used whenever there is a concern about safety or when the loop or joint is going to be left in the rope.

[NOTE] After a splice is started or after each round of tucks, fold the strands back over the work. You will notice that there is one strand going in and one strand coming out between each of the strands of the standing end. If this configuration does not exist you have made a mistake; trace the strands back and correct the mistake or pull strands out and start over.

The following topics about splicing are
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