Lashings are used to join poles or spars when building pioneering structures. These structures can be functional, such as tables, bridges, and towers or decorative such as gateways. The only limit as to the type of structure is the imagination of the builder.

Correctly tied lashings in pioneering structures are essential for safety. When young people see an interesting structure they charge up and over with no thought as to the soundness of the structure. This places the responsibility for a safe structure directly on the builder.

The following topics about lashing are covered in :


Square Lashing
Diagonal Lashing
Tripod Lashing With Racking Rurns
Tripod Lashing With Plain Turns
Shear Lashing With Racking Turns
Shear Lashing With Plain Turns
Shear Lashing Quick
Round Lashing
Round Lashing West Country
Floor Lashing