A rope wrench is a simple tool that can be used to tighten the ropes of a lashing. Use a crochet stick that is about 18 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter; the crotch should be about 6 inches from the end.

Using A Rope Wrench:

[STEP 1] Use the rope wrench by placing it over the pole next to the rope that is to be tightened.

[STEP 2] Wrap the rope around the fork of the wrench.

STEP 3] Make one or two wraps around the handle of the wrench.

[STEP 4] Grasp the handle so that you are holding the rope firmly to the handle; then rotate the wrench around the pole.

[NOTE] Tighten each turn of a lashing as it is made. The friction between the rope and the pole is too great to tighten more then one turn at a time.

Maintain the tightness of the rope by keeping a small amount of tension on it or by pressing the rope firmly against one of the poles while taking the next turn around the poles.

Be careful that the rope is not tightened so tight that the fibers of the rope begin to break.