sheet bend


Description ----
An interlocked bight and half hitch.
Use ----
To temporarily join two ropes, especially if the ropes are of different sizes.
Comments ----
The sheet bend is a secure but easily untied knot. ---- When tying the sheet bend the running parts should be left long because there is some initial slip in the knot when the knot is first brought under tension. ---- The proper and more secure way to tie the sheet bend is so that the two end the rope are on the same side of the knot.
Other Names ----
Weavers knot
Related Knots ----
Bowline; becket hitch; these knots share the same form but are tied in a different way or have a different use.
Narrative ---- (For sheet bend knotboard.)
(1) Form a bight in the running part of the left-hand rope. (2) Reeve the running part of the right-hand rope through the eye of the bight in the left-hand rope. (3) With the right-hand running part take a bight around the running part and the standing part of the left-hand rope. (4) Pass the right-hand running part over the left-hand standing part, (5) under the right-hand rope, and (6) over the standing part of the left-hand rope. (7) Pull tight.