[Monkie's paw]


Dscription ----
Two forms of the monkey's paw are sown here the first is formed from four interlocking loops: a four crown turk's head; the second is constructed from three interlocking coils.
Use ----
The core determines what the monkey's paw can be used for. When tied over a stone or heavy ball, the monkey's paw can be used to add weight to a heaving line. If tied over a cork ball with small cord the monkey's paw makes a good float for boat keys or other small items used around a water front. Tied over a ball of twine or other soft material, the monkey's paw can be used as weight on the end of a rope for the game jump the shot. A Monkey's Paw can also be used as a toggle..
Comments ----
Neither form of the Monkey's Paw has an advantage over the other. Which one you choose to use is a matter of personal preference.
Core Size -----
The diameter of the core should be between three and four diameters of the rope being used..
Narration ------ (For Monkey's Paw Turk's Head knotboard.)
(1) Form an overhand loop (2) Form a second overhand loop over the left edge of the first overhand loop . (3) Cross the standing end over the running end. (4) Weave the running end across the loops by placing the running end over the right side of the top loop (5) then under the right side of the bottom loop (6) next, over the left side of the top loop (7) and finally under the left side of the of the bottom loop. (8) Pull the running end through until a third loop equal in size to the first two loops. (9) Add the fourth loop by placing the running end parallel to the standing end. (10) Chase the original pattern 2 to 3 times. (11) Work tight over the core.