masthead knot


Description ----
A multiple loop knot formed by reeving the loosely made loops of two over hand knots through each other and then securing the knot to a mast (pole).
Use ----
On board ship, a masthead knot was used to rig a temporary mast if the mast was lost in battle or during a storm. On land a masthead knot can be used to rig a gin pole or a flag pole.
Comments ----
There are several forms of the Masthead Knot. This form of the Masthead Knot was chosen for its symmetry and the ease of transition to the running half hitches used to secure it to the pole.
Other Names ----
Jury mast knot, pitcher knot.
Narrative ---- (For masthead knot knotboard.)
(1) Loosely tie two over hand knots. (2) Place the loop of one overhand knot on top of the loop of the loop of the other over hand knot. (3&4) Reeve the loops of the overhand knot through the half knot part of the opposite overhand knot. (5) Place over a pole and draw the three loops up even. (6) Secure to the pole with a series of running half hitches above and below the mast head knot.
A forth loop my be formed by tying or splicing the ends together. If a fourth loop is made, nail a cleats to the pole to prevent the mast head knot from slipping.
Attach the guy lines to the loops with becket hitches.
masthead knot