Description A loop formed by a half hitch around a bight in the standing part of the rope.

Use To temporarily hold a toggle (a Marlin Spike) so that a rope can be pulled tight; as a mooring hitch that can be dropped over the end of a stake or pole; to hold the rungs of a rope ladder.

Comments A secure temporary hitch that can be easily spilled by removing the toggle. The Marlin Spike Hitch gets it name from the practice of using it around a Marlin Spike or similar tool to tighten knots and servicing,

Other Names Slip Noose; especially when the half hitch is pulled closed around the bight.

Narrative ---- (For marlin spike knotboard) (1) Form an overhand loop. (2) Then form a bight in the standing part. (3) Place the bight under the overhand loop. (4) Then reeve the bight through the underhand loop. (5) Pass a toggle