This knot is used to cover knobs. One example would be to cover a knob at the end of a walking stick.

The length of cord needed to tie the knob covering knot depends on the size of the cord and the number of times the pattern is to be chased. A good length to start with is 8 times the circumference of the knob for each time the pattern is to be chased. [Example: a one inch knob has a circumference of a little over 3 inches. To cover a one inch knob it would require about 25 inches of cord for each time the pattern is chased. The pattern should be chased at least 2 times. This means that about 50 inches of cord would be used to cover a 1 inch knob.

The knob covering knot is difficult to tie "in hand" the easiest method of tying it is to make a copy of the diagram and fasten the diagram to a work board. Start by pinning the middle of the cord to the feathered end of the arrow in the diagram. Then following the path indicated, pin the cord to the diagram. Be sure to follow the over/under pattern indicated in the diagram. Studying the following partial diagrams may help.

After the knot is tied on the work board unpin it and work it loosely into shape over the knob. Then chase the pattern the required number of times. Next work the knot tight around the knob. Do not rush this stage. When the knot is tight cut off the ends of the cord and push the ends into the knot.

To preserve the knot, it may be varnished or painted.

Walking Stick:

Carve a knob on the end of the walking stick.

If desired, the size of the knob can be increased by wrapping it with tape.

Tie the covering knot and work it tight over the knob.