Use ----
To prevent a rope from fraying.
Comments ----
The ends of a synthetic rope can be fused to prevent the rope from fraying. This is done by heating the end of the rope so that the ends of the rope fibers melt together.
The fusing can be done by holding the end of the rope to the side of a candle or other small flame. If the end of the rope is placed in the flame or held too close to the flame, the plastic will ignite causing the end of the rope to turn black. Burning plastic can also give off toxic fumes . If the end of the rope is held above the flame, unburned carbon particle will be deposited on the melted plastic causing it to turn black. A candle flame will generate enough heat to fuse the end of a rope up to about one inch in diameter. If the rope is larger than one inch, a propane torch will work better .