Use ---- To tie of the end of a rope so that it does not unlay. ----- To begin a back splice. ---- As part of several multiple strand knots.

(1) Tie off the rope 6 complete lays from the end.

(2) Unlay the rope to the tied off point.

(3) Place the end of one of the unlayed strand between the other two unlayed strands;

(4) press the strand firmly between the strands so that a loop is formed. [NOTE] As you are looking at the end of the rope work counterclockwise around the rope .

(5) Fold the second strand over the first strand. [NOTE] This will hold the loop in the first strand in place.

(6) Reeve the end of the third strand through the eye of the loop.

(7) Fold the third strand over the second strand. [NOTE] This will hold the second strand in place.

(8) Pull the loop closed. [NOTE] Work and pull all three strands until the knot is even and symmetrical.