[Constrictor Knot]


Dscription ----
A clove hitch with a half knot under the cross-point.
Use ----
To tie a smaller rope to a larger one, or to tie a rope to a stake or pole; a substitute for whipping; as a lashing for light construction ; as a hose clamp.
Comments ----
A secure nonslip knot ; difficult to untie without cutting.
Use this method of tying the constrictor knot on either side of where you intend to cut a rope. This is a fast and easy way to prevent a rope from unlaying when it is cut.
Narration ------ (For Constrictor Knot knotboard.)
((1) take a bight around an pole. (2) Continue wrapping the running part around the pole so that the running part crosses over the standing part. (3) Complete the turn around the pole. (4) Cross the running part over the standing part so that (5) a bight is formed around the standing part. (6) Reeve the running part under the cross part of the loop in the standing part to form a half knot under the cross-point. (7) Pull the standing tight. (8) Lock the knot tight by pulling hard on both the standing part and the running part.