Belaying to a Cleat


Use ----
To secure a flag lanyard, to moor a boat to a dock.
Comments ----
Belaying to a cleat is a fast non-jamming method of securing a rope anywhere along its length without reeving any part of the rope through or around anything.
Narration ------ ( For Belaying to a CleatKnotboard.)
(1) Take a turn around the cleat and pull the line tight. (2) Complete a round turn around the cleat . (3) Place the line across the cleat. (4) Take a bight around one horn of the cleat. (5) Place the line across the cleat a second time. (6) Take a bight around the other horn of the cleat to form a figure eight around the horns of the cleat. (7) Repeat steps 3 through 6. (8) Form an underhand loop. (9) Place the eye of the underhand loop over the horn of the cleat. (10) Pull the underhand loop tight to form a half hitch around the horn of the cleat, this locks the rope in place.