pioneering,rope,machine,making,knot,board,hitch,splicing,splice,lashing,lash,whipping, service,figure,eight,stevedor,stopper,square,water,sheet,bend,double bowline,bight,lineman's,loop,sheepskank,trumpet,clove,monley,paw,fist,masthead,constrictor knot,turk's,head,two,half,taut,line,timber,mooring,marlin,spike,ladder,anchor,bend,belaying,cleat,jug,crown,back,
		splice,short,splice,eye,square,lashing,diagonal,tripod,shear,round,west,country,floor,wogal,slide,neckerchief,net,modles Gerald Findley, Jerry Findley, instruction, learning, learn
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Table of Contents
Sample 1 - Knot
Sample 2 - Splice
Sample 3 - Lashing
Sample 4 - Tools
Sample 5 - Models

ROPE WORKS PLUS is a sequel to and an expansion of the author's original book, ROPE WORKS.

ROPE WORKS PLUS is a more detailed work that provides a description of each knot, the knot's uses, other names when available, and informative comments. The step by step graphics of each knotboard are enhanced by a narration describing each step. As well as the knots, hitches, splices, and lashings, ROPE WORKS PLUS also includes chapters on netting, rope making, making and using simple pioneering tools, and pioneering models.