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This CD "ROPE WORKS, ANIMATED" was produced and is distributed by

    Gerald L Findley
    2026 County Route 21
    Hermon, NY 13652


    Web Site []

    Copyright: 2004 by Gerald L Findley. All rights reserved.


The purpose of this CD is to provide a consistant, repeatable animated presentaton of selected knots, hitches, and etc. In addition to being consistant and repeatable, the presentations are from the point of view of the person tying the knot. These factors should make it easier to learn the included knots.


This CD contains both animated GIFs and QuickTime movies. There is a total of 192 GIFs and movies presenting 48 animated illustrations of knots, hitches, and whippings.

The animated GIFs load faster than the QuickTime movies and play a preset number of times.

The QuickTime movies load more slowly than the animated GIFs but allow the user more control over the animation.


Use of this CD is subject to the following Terms & Conditions.

  1. Any person who is in possession of this CD is hereby authorized to down load one copy on to one computer. If possession of the CD is transferred to another person, the copy must be removed from the original computer.

  2. All images contained on this CD are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or redistributed (in partial or whole) for resale or as part of another publication, advertisement, etc. without express permission of the copyright owner (Gerald L Findley).

  3. Copies of images, may be used for informational/educational purposes as long as they include the copyright notice and are only part of a class presentation.

  4. Copie/s of this CD may be placed on a server or a net-work if the owner of the system posesses the number of original CD equal to the maximum number of users at any one time.